Stars and Rabbit・Live in Taipei w/ 巴賴Balai+gagaband

  • 2020/02/20(Thu) 19:00(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google Calendar )
  • The Wall Live House / 台北市文山區羅斯福路四段200號B1

✨ Stars and Rabbit 



深受另類搖滾的影響,並且結合了民謠及流行元素,簡單明瞭的旋律和編曲,以及直爽不造作的歌聲是Stars and Rabbit的特徵。



專輯中收錄的單曲曾出現在英國電影『Wonder』的配樂裡,在社群網站上Stars and Rabbit也展現了不凡的人氣。

2020年初與Bottlesmoker ,Piece That Fit一同合作且發行了專輯。











 巴賴Balai + gagaband 


2015年12月發行個人創作專輯《古老的透明》,獲得極大好評。隔年隨即獲得第 27屆金曲獎最佳原住民歌手獎、第7屆金音獎最佳風格類型單曲獎『盤旋』及新人獎等,5項專輯、單曲獎項入圍。累積多年國內外演唱經驗,絕對值得現場聆聽的實力創作歌手。


Displaced Paiwanese musician Balai is an indigenous urban singer-songwriter of the new generation in Taiwan. His songs are created from his indigenous blood and soul. His music is infused with the spirits of his identity and the land. Balai sings with an ancient soul that still carries purity and innocence. He creates a historical identification for the new indigenous youth which will never be defeated.

In December of 2015 Balai released his first solo album “The Modern Ancient”. It received enormous positive response. In the next year he won the best Indigenous Singer at the 27th Golden Melody Awards. He was nominated in five categories (such as the best new artist, best album and single), and went on to win the best single for a specific genre at the Golden Indie Music Awards for the song “Soar”. Balai has performed many times in Taiwan and abroad. His live performances are endearing and powerful and not to be missed.



Stars and Rabbit・Live in Taipei
w/ 巴賴Balai+gagaband


| 日 期 |

2020.02.20 (Wed.)

| 地 點 |

The Wall Live House 


| 時 間 |

OPEN 19:00 / START 20:00

| 門 票 |

預售ADV. 600 / 現場DOOR. 800

The Wall Live House / 台北市文山區羅斯福路四段200號B1

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